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Forumwide Rules of Conduct, Etiquette and Acceptable Behavior

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Forumwide Rules of Conduct, Etiquette and Acceptable Behavior

Post by Superboop on Sun Feb 24, 2013 3:41 pm

The Enderruption Project Forum Rules

The rules apply on all sections of the forum. Below are general guidelines on the type of behavior and etiquette to expect while posting on this forum.


Spamming is when someone makes a post that is unrelated, or does not contribute to the topic.

I like pie

If the thread was about mobs in the Enderruption, the above post would be unrelated to the topic.

Oh you are talking about the mobs? Why do you even care?

This post would be related, but it does not contribute to the topic.

Any discussion outside of The Enderruption Project belongs in the Off Topic section. Please be aware, however, that you may not derail thread discussion in the Off Topic section.


Flaming often constitutes as using inappropriate language to insult others. If you disagree with someone, please discuss with each other in a respectful manner.

You suck.

The above post would be flaming, as it is intended to offend the opposing party, using inappropriate language. This would also most likely be spamming, as it would not contribute to the topic.


Providing links or websites to anything you intend to sell is not allowed. If you must, please contact a moderator or an administrator. Any links without intention for commercialization is allowed.

Check out how to get rid of viruses, using this new product! www.google.com

The above post would be advertising, for obvious reasons.

Inappropriate behavior

Inappropriate behavior includes using visual (offensive material) or verbal (racial slurs, etc.) methods. Trolling also constitutes as inappropriate behavior.

The Enderruption Project is only for old people

This would most likely be trolling, but also inappropriate verbal behavior.

All forumwide rules will be changed when needed. It is suggested that you check this page occasionally for any changes.

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